PM Capital Adviser Forum 2018

As investors come to the realisation that we may be at the inflection point for interest rates, there is a moment when we ask ourselves;

“How much do we really know about successfully investing in this environment if rates consistently trend upward for the first time in 30 years?

When you pair this with the significant number of people approaching their own inflection point - retirement - the need for advice has never been greater.

“How will investors uncover new opportunities that will generate the return required to achieve their objectives?”

In this year’s PM Capital Adviser Forum, you will hear insights from Paul Moore and Jarod Dawson on how this inflection may impact investors, and the potential investment anomalies that may subsequently arise.

Following the presentations you will have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session with Paul and Jarod, so come armed with your questions!


2018 Roadshow locations


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Thank you for your interest. This event is restricted to licensed financial advisers, stock brokers and industry partners eg. platforms, researchers and dealer group representatives .

However, a recording of the event will made available on 19th March 2018. Please provide your details and we will be pleased to notify you when the webinar is available.