PM Capital Asian Opportunities Fund Limited (ASX:PAF)


The PM Capital Asian Opportunities Fund Limited (ASX:PAF, ACN 168 666 171) is intended to provide investors with an opportunity to invest in the Asian Region (ex-Japan)1 via an Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed investment company. The company began trading on the ASX on 22 May 2014.


Managed by PM CAPITAL Limited, the aim is to provide long-term capital growth by investing in a concentrated portfolio of predominantly undervalued listed Asian equities and other investment securities in the Asian Region (ex-Japan)1.


Benefits of investing:
  • Opportunity – access to the Asian Region (ex-Japan) provides domestic investors a far greater breadth of opportunity and there is limited choice of ASX listed Asian equity managers

  • Superior risk/reward - investments in the Asian Region (ex-Japan) provides long term structural opportunities with superior risk/reward profiles

  • Timing – historically low yields in cash and bonds relative to the earnings yield of companies

  • Experience – an experienced investment manager focused on maximising the long term after tax value of investors' capital

The PAF at a glance:
  • Concentrated portfolio of around 15-35 securities diversified across Asian equity markets in the Asian Region (ex-Japan)

  • Individual security positions should not exceed 10% of the portfolio's net asset value

  • Short positions, derivatives and option strategies may be used

  • The maximum total net equity exposure is 100% of the portfolio's net asset value. If appropriate the portfolio may be 100% invested in cash

  • Unlisted securities may represent up to 10% of the portfolio's net asset value

  • Tax will be an important consideration in the management of the portfolio

  • Active currency management means hedging will change

  • While franking credits will be paid capital growth is our primary focus

1. The Asian Region (ex-Japan) includes Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan and Singapore, but excludes Japan.