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25 years of building long-term wealth

PM Capital Limited, founded in 1998 by its Chief Investment Officer, Paul Moore, is a globally-focused fund manager that manages money on behalf of private clients, the clients of financial advisers and institutions.  

PM Capital’s goal is to build long term wealth by investing in global markets with patience and conviction. It has won numerous awards for its investment performance. It is based in Sydney.

We provide an opportunity for clients to invest alongside our investment team in PM Capital-managed products. In fact, most of the products managed by PM Capital began as ways to invest the firm’s own capital. This ensures an alignment of interest with investors. We offer a number of concentrated strategies for investors looking to take advantage of opportunities that many investors may overlook.

We believe in always acting and investing independently, with integrity and in the best interests of our co-investors - even if that means respectfully disagreeing with the rest of the market.  

It is with the best interest of our co-investors in mind, that PM Capital has agreed to be acquired by Regal Partners Limited (Regal). This new partnership will facilitate our ability to leverage Regal’s exceptional corporate and business support infrastructure and distribution capabilities. 

Regal Partners Limited is an ASX-listed, specialist alternatives investment manager providing investors with access to a diverse range of strategies covering hedge funds, private markets and real assets.

The Group houses numerous dedicated alternatives investment management businesses, including PM Capital.

Combining deep industry experience, extensive networks and multi-award winning performance track records, Regal Partners seeks to be a leading provider of alternatives investment strategies in Australia and Asia.

For more detail on the acquisition please read the below announcements:

Paul Moore's letter to clients and shareholders - 3rd November 2023

Regal Partners Limited - Acquisition of PM Capital - 3rd November 2023

Regal Partners Limited ASX Announcement - Completion of Acquisition of PM Capital - 21 December 2023


How can we help?

Our goal is to build long term wealth together.

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Based on 30 years of experience, we look to achieve strong long term investment returns using our effective investment process and philosophy

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Investing with you


As co-investors with our investment team, our clients access a unique subset of global opportunities off the radar of most Australian-based investment managers

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We invest from an Australian-based perspective, but can scan the globe for the best opportunities in which to invest our, and your, capital for long term wealth creation




Our track record and awards won since inception in 1998 provides evidence of the successful application of our investment knowledge and experience



  • Winner - Zenith Fund Awards 2023 - International Equities - Alternative Strategies
  • Finalist - Lonsec / Money Management Fund Manager of the Year Awards - Global Equity Fund of the Year 2023
  • Winner - Financial Standard's Investment Leadership Awards 2023 - Australian Equities - High Active Risk - Australian Companies Fund
  • Winner - Australian Fund Manager Foundation - Best Australian Based Global Equity Manager of the Year 2022
  • Winner - Financial Newswire/ SQM Research Fund Manager Awards - 2022 Star Manager Award - Global Companies Fund
  • Finalist - Lonsec and SuperRatings Fund of the Year Awards 2022 - Active Global Equity Fund - Global Companies Fund
  • Finalist - Zenith Fund Awards 2022 - International Equities - Alternative Strategies
  • Winner - Zenith Fund Awards 2021 - International Equities - Alternative Strategies
  • Money Magazine - 2020 Best Income Fund - PM Capital Enhanced Yield Fund
  • Winner - Lonsec / Money Management Global Long/ Short Equities Fund Manager of the Year 2018
  • Finalist - Zenith / Professional Planner International Equities (Alternative Strategies) Fund of the Year 2017
  • Finalist - Zenith / Professional Planner International Equities (Emerging Markets and Regional) Fund of the Year 2016
  • Winner - Zenith / Professional Planner International Equities (Alternative Strategies) Fund of the Year 2015
  • Winner - Australian Fund Manager Foundation - Best Australian Based Global Equity Manager of the Year 2015
  • Finalist – Australian Fund Manager Awards for Best Global Equity Fund 2013
  • Finalist - Professional Planner Zenith Fund Awards  for Best International Equities Alternative Strategies 2013