Steps for investing

Please ask your financial adviser about PM Capital's managed funds. They are available on a range of investment platforms. 

Our managed funds are also available directly. To invest directly, please:

1. Download and read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

PDS - Australian residents

PDS - New Zealand residents

2. Download and review the Target Market Determinations for the Funds(s)

Global Companies Fund         

Australian Companies Fund   

Enhanced Yield Fund

3. Complete the Application Form attached to the PDS.

You should complete those sections of the application form that relate to you and attach the necessary identification documents that are required.

4. Send your signed Application Form, support documents and payment to our Unit Registry, Apex Fund Services at the below address:

PM Capital Limited
C / - Apex Fund Services
GPO Box 4968
Sydney NSW 2001

Acceptable methods of payment of the Application Monies (in Australian dollars) for each Fund are:

  • by cheque (separate for each Fund application) made payable to 'PM Capital Ltd - [ Fund Name ] Applications Account' accompanied with the completed Application Form. 
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) into each Funds’ Application account.

The bank account details for an EFT to each of the Funds are set out below:






Global Companies Fund


275 Kent St, Sydney, NSW, 2000



Australian Companies Fund



Enhanced Yield Fund



We will process your investment as soon as we receive your payment, correctly completed and signed application form, and all necessary AML & tax identification documentation.

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PDS Terms & Conditions
The PDS issued by PM Capital Limited ABN 69 083 644 731 accessible from this site is available upon request from the office of PM Capital. Investment in any of the funds accessible from this site may only be made on the application form attached to, or accompanied by the complete and unaltered current PDS. The copy of the PM Capital Limited PDS available from this site is available for residents of Australia and New Zealand investors only. It has been prepared having regard only to current law and its interpretation, including, without limitation, taxation law. By downloading the PDS you will be acknowledging and agreeing with PM CAPITAL that you: a) have read, understood and agree to the above; b) are an Australian or NZ resident and you are accessing the PDS from within Australia or NZ; and c) have not, and will not, pass to any other person an application form unless it is attached to, or accompanied by the complete and unaltered electronic PDS and unless it is passed to another party within Australia or NZ.