Invest in EYF via ASX mFund

ASX Code: PML01 and PML02

The PM Capital Enhanced Yield Fund and PM Capital Enhanced Yield Fund (Class B) (‘EYF’) are now available through mFund,  a convenient way to invest in unlisted funds like EYF through the ASX.

Investors can buy and sell units in unlisted managed funds like EYF using the same broking services used for share transactions.


mFund benefits

Less paperwork – the service uses CHESS for settlement, an electronic system used for ASX share transactions, replacing the traditional paper-based process

Transparency –mFund holdings can be tracked against your holder identification number (HIN)

Ease - you can easily buy (apply for) and sell (redeem) units via a participating broker

Confidence – uses established ASX Operating Rules


How to invest in EYF mFunds

  1. Contact a participating broker, which can be either a full service or online broker. Click here for available brokers (external site).

  2. Read the Fund’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) - Australia, or PDS and application form - New Zealand and any other material information.

  3. Instruct your broker with a buy order using the ASX codes PML01 and/ or PML02 (Class B) and ensure availability of funds.  

  4. An updated CHESS statement will later be sent to you.


More information

mFund FAQs (external site):

For more information about how to invest via mFund, please contact your broker or financial adviser, or PM Capital Client Services on 02 8243 0888. We’re happy to help.