ASX hosts PM Capital as the Enhanced Yield Fund joins the mFund Settlement Service

This week the ASX hosted Jarod Dawson, Portfolio Manager of the PM Capital Enhanced Yield Fund (EYF), at a function to celebrate the launch of its availability on the ASX mFund Settlement Service. Both options of the Fund, EYF and EYF (Class B), are now able to be bought and sold via the ASX through a wide range of brokers.

Mr Dawson said: “EYF is now available to be purchased through the ASX. It gives another option to investors when looking to invest in EYF, being able to reduce the amount of paperwork through dealing in the same account they use to buy and sell shares, rather than filling out what can be a lengthy application form.

“EYF provides income in a low-interest rate environment and has delivered for investors for over 17 years.”