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Fixed income is the world's largest asset class, yet probably the least understood. With rate on term deposits at record lows, the problem facing those looking for regular income could be said to be at record highs.

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PM Capital's fixed income strategy – the Enhanced Yield Fund – has been awarded the 2020 Money magazine for Best Income Fund – High Yield and Credit.

 Managed by Jarod Dawson, it produces regular income and attractive returns with low volatility.

The Enhanced Yield Fund:

  • Strong: Has met its performance objectives over its nearly 20 years
  • Successful: Has produced a return of 168%* since inception, versus the 97%* return of its benchmark index
  • Recognised: Strongly rated by research houses

Achieved: Has never been closed to investors for daily redemptions despite tests including the global financial crisis in 2008/09, the European banking crisis in 2011/2012 and the China growth scare in 2015/16.


* As at 31 October 2020