Kevin Bertoli with Adam Renouf - Podcast

'It's not just numbers' host Adam Renouf interviews Portfolio Manager Kevin Bertoli on how the PM Capital perspective may be different to our peers.

"There's always something to look at... the key in our process is making sure you can work as efficiently as possible to determine whether an idea is actually a true anomaly."

"We've never been slogan based. We've never said 'we own FANG or we own Growth or Garp, or whatever it is, but what we've been able to do is despite the strength in those areas of the market at certain points in time, we still managed to perform extremely well, but it's the disciplined approach of maintaining that long term, high conviction philosophy."


 Listen to the full podcast below to understand more about the core philosophy and process that determines our investment approach.

Adam Renouf is the Managing Director and Senior Financial Advisor at Renouf & Partners. Adam has a background in Business Management, Financial Planning, Mortgage Broking and Property which has spanned over 20 years. His regular podcast is called ‘It’s not just numbers’.